“I checked the actuarial

Alvin: Rachel! There must be a lot of people chasing a pretty girl like
you. I have a friend Bob who wants to find a girlfriend. How about I
introduce him to you?

meals whipped up by a chef and served up on a gold platter. But it turns
out the billionaire’s tastes are a bit more, shall we say, elementary.
Buffett, 捌肆, credits his longevity to his five-Coke-a-day habit: three
during the day and two at night. And no, it’s not because he owns nearly
拾 percent of Cola.

Eric: Is that workaholic who fell asleep while watching TV at a party?

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Eric: Oh! For God sake! Are you crazy?

tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided
to eat like a six-year-old。” Buffett told Fortune Magazine.

Alvin: Well,Even though you say so, but as his best friend, I have to
help him.(I’m gonna help him.)

And he wouldn’t have it any other way. “If somebody told me that I’ll
live a year longer by eating nothing but broccoli and asparagus


And the childlike eating habits don’t stop with the sugar-laden



Chris: Eric, dude. Let me tell you something funny.

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Bob: Hey! Alvin, I need your help. It’s weird to to tell you this… How
to start it. Uh… I have some problems with girls. Eh… Actually, I
haven’t had a girlfriend until now, and I don’t know how to find one.
Can you help me with this?

soft drink. He admitted he sometimes has chocolate-chip ice cream for
breakfast. He also loves Utz Potato Stix and has said his favorite meal
is a cheeseburger with a Cherry Coke.

Eric: It depends on his determination to break his bad habits.

from now on, I would just say… every day will seem like as long,” he
told CNBC’s Squawk Box in 2010. “I’ll stick with the Cheetos and the

Chris: I think you’re right.

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Phoebe: So, I refuse to date such a boring person.

With billions of dollars at his disposal, you’d imagine Warren Buffett
enjoying gourmet

Alvin: Chris. Bob wants to find a girlfriend. He asked me to help him.
What’s your opinion?

Buffett has also spoken of an affinity

Alvin: Wow! Bob, You really surprise me. And thank you for telling me
this. I do know some girls ,but I’m not so sure if they wanna  go out
with you. Anyway, I’ll do what I can do for you. (Ok, I’ll see what I
can do for you.)

for all things Frito-Lay, including Cheetos, Fritos and even Munchos —
as long as they’re washed down, of course, with Coke. While the diet may
seem unhealthy, he insists it’s all about calories, and staying within
2,500 to maintain his weight.



Rachel: Bob? Is that fat workaholic who made a fool of himself at
Frank’s party?

Phoebe: I bet you have no idea. Rachel has told me everything.

Rachel: Huh! Oh! Alvin~ You are so funny! You are my best friend. How
could you introduce me some guy who fell asleep while watching TV?


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